I am a highly skilled web developer with knowledge in both front and back end

As the lead UI/UX developer at Docxonomy LLC, I understand the impact that design and technical efficiency has on the business world. I have taught myself a lot of the skills I now maintain, and I am passionately conscious that constant self improvement is necessary to achieve my ambitions.

I graduated from The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) in May 2017 with a double major in Communication Studies and Interactive Multimedia. Interactive Multimedia, a merge of graphic design and computer science, laid the foundation to cultivate my interest for the areas of Web Design and Development, Video Production, Physical Computing, and Communication that I still continue today.


Jefferson Township High School
I grew up in Jefferson Township and went to the local public high school. I played soccer on varsity for four years and was extremely involved in an anti-human trafficking group at the school called Project Stay Gold. My education was broad as it was a public high school however I always gravitated towards video production and some of the more technical aspects of other classes.

Final GPA: 3.65
The College of New Jersey
I began my college career as a communications major interested in learning further about video production and the film/tv industries. Partway through college I taught myself simple html and css and I realized that I loved the world of technology. Since then, I added Interactive Multimedia, an interdisciplinary cross between graphic design and computer science related fields, as a double major and I've spent the rest of my college career learning the many different technologies that are out there. I was also extremely active throughout the school with on campus jobs, leadership positions within clubs and my fraternity, and active involvement within both of my academic majors.

Interactive Multimedia GPA: 3.89
Communications Studies GPA: 3.69

Professional Interests


My skillset is focused on web development with reinforcing skills in graphic design and video production.

I'm always excited to learn more and refine skills that I currently have.

HTML / CSS / Javascript / PHP 85%
Java / Python / C# 80%
Photoshop / Illustrator 65%
Database Management (SQL, MYSQL, TSQL) 70%


I'm proud of many of the projects I have made during my college career and I look forward to adding more as my professional career continues.